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An ecosystem of data enthusiasts applying the power of AI to support social-impact organizations.

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are leading the fourth industrial revolution, bringing together innovation to discover, create new possibilities and generate better, smarter actions. Many nonprofits that address vital problems for our society are underfunded and have limited resources. Using cutting edge AI and new insights, we aid these many phenomenal organizations, and help them create a bigger impact.

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Responsible AI

AI can be used for great evil, but also for great good. We use the power of  algorithms to solve social problems. The use-cases where data science can have an impact are endless: education, employment, real estate, immigration, and more.

Open source

Open source artisans - we want our progress to be reused to advance others.
All content produced from our projects (code (MIT license); visuals, documentation, etc.) is published under a free license (BY-SA). 

Act with purpose and make an impact

A collective of builders - we realize that technology is not the answer to everything, but we want to build the world of tomorrow brick by brick. 

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Off season

With the recent sad events that happened, we scrapped and aggregated all the miklat of almost all the main cities of Israel  in a single map.
In Tel Aviv, we added also the underground parking lots. 

Hoping that we won't need it anymore 🙏 

Given the large number of literature and the rapid spread of COVID-19, it is difficult for health professionals to keep up with new information on the virus and to have a good overview of what researcher did about vaccines and therapeutics with coronaviruses.
By clustering and analyzing the specific scholars articles that answers the scientific community’s questions about vaccines and therapeutics, we can help decision makers to understand the current state of research. 

Season #1

A solution for targeting Homophobic and Sexist Tweets to be reported to Twitter by Data For Good, Israel. 

Food waste reduction

Detect scams in Tel-Aviv rental contracts

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Tel aviv Top crimes map

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